We are hair nerds.....

Hair that is not clarified regularly is often coated with product build up as well as minerals found in drinking water. This build up causes hair to be dull, not style as well and prevents chemical services from working efficiently.
This hair is free of impurities and ready to accept conditioners and chemical treatments. Pre-treating the hair allows color and other chemicals to work at optimum efficiency.
Naturally curly hair is especially dry, therefore it is very important to clarify and deep condition regularly. We often recommend that curly girls that do not
shampoo daily only use a pH balanced (4.5-5.5) clarifying shampoo to be sure
all build up is removed.
This client's hair appeared lifeless and dull. Once a clarifying and conditioning treatment were performed the hair was shiny and healthy. Removing build up from the cuticle layer of the hair allows the conditioner to penetrate the hair shaft, opposed to sitting on the outside.

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